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I am doing a research project for my kniesionlogy course that needs to compare the biomechanics of freestyle and backstroke. Where is a good web site to locate this info?

-- Brynn Elise Troutman (brynnet@hotmail.com), May 25, 1999


what this flipturn?

-- hossein pourshamsi (h_pourshamsi@yahoo.com), December 24, 2001.

you should do research yourself, it makes you a better person too!! and you need to know how to spell kinesiology before you study it too..haha

-- jacob m hannah (yaggle@homtial.com), September 24, 2003.

www.vicon.com, www.physsportsmed.com

-- no name (kissmyass@myass.com), December 23, 2003.

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