"Vows" Written for Carol

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I am trying to find out the name of the episode wherein Carol was suppose to get married. In particular I am interested in the "vows" the doctor had written for her.

Is there anyway you could direct me on how I could get either a copy of that episode or a copy of the "vows".


-- Mylene M. Franze (franze@toxicatty.com), May 24, 1999


this comes from episode "Love Among The Ruins" which ran on TNT just a few nights ago. It's not the actual wedding episode, but prior to that, when Tag and Carol are supposed to be writing their vows.

Carol, before we were together I'd been in love many times or so I thought. But now I know you're the only one I've ever truly loved, the only one I can imagine spending my life with. The one I can't imagine spending my life without.

-- Susan Post (sbpost@netusa1.net), June 14, 1999.

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