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Hi !!!

I am a desperate Brazilian woman! For the love of God, help me! I am having a serious problem with this program. Please, go in: Go shopping and fill the form. See that soon after you will go back to the address: However, if you type the address: The form is usually processed.

There is not anything wandered with SENDMAIL of my ISP. Please, help me!

To help, the program is in this hierarchy:

CGI-LOCAL: shipping.db smart.cfg smartadmin.cgi smart.cgi smartrack.cgi ccverify.lib currency.db

WEB DIRECTORY ( All HTML files mydatabase (soniare.db)

Excuse for not well written English.

A great hug.

Ana Paula P. Souza

-- Ana Paula Prado (, May 24, 1999


Ana Paula, I saw that you modify the order.html, the command to purchase and send the order form should be: You can customize the order form, as long as you keep the same names to the form fields. Not on a separate orderform with no interaction with the script.

-- B Corrado (, July 11, 1999.

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