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Can someone please help me

I've got this cart nearly worked out but with one prooblem I don't get my orders sent to the order dir!!! I mean I get an email saying you have ordered the following but no orders!!!!!

Pleas help!!!!! While I'm here has anyone worked out how to change the "Recalculate" button into an image!!!!

I will be most greatful for your help


-- Abir Mustafa (, May 24, 1999



You have to use "smartadmin.cgi" to get the orders sent to the order directory. This is set in the "s-mart.cfg" file.

To change the "Re-Calculate" button to a image take out the line with "Re-Calculate" insert your image and then set the link to goto from that image.


-- James L. Farmer (, June 07, 1999.

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