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Need suggestions on use of this film, including processing. Tell me of your results. Thanks much.

-- Zoe Wolf (, May 23, 1999


Zoe, I started using this film a couple of years ago and it's become one of my favorites! I can't say I've done extensive testing, but the following information works well for me. I shoot it at ASA 40 and I develop it in D76 1:1 68 degrees for 8 minutes. I shoot 120 film getting 6x7 negatives and I can make very large and very sharp prints! Good luck!


-- Bob Tipton (, May 25, 1999.

Zoe, In my reply I forgot to mention that I use a condenser light source on my enlarger, if you are using a cold light or diffusion light source, you may want to extend the development alittle to boost the contrast slightly. Also my agitation is 30 seconds continously during the first minute and then 10 seconds per minute for the rest of the development. Bob

-- Bob Tipton (, May 25, 1999.


I haven't used PanF50 much but on the few occasions I did use it I found that the emulsion seemed to be very prone to scratches. I have tried to find out if this is typical of this film in particular or slow films in general, perhaps someone knows this for sure. In any event, handle with care but you can sure blow those pictures up.


-- Martin Hodgetts (, May 29, 1999.

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