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Since there are folks here from many locations, would it be possible to compile a list of Central of Georgia depots that are still standing and their condition at this time and what they may be being used for??? I will start it by detailing what I know about the Albany GA to Dothan AL line.

Albany to Dothan line Albany GA-The Albany yard office building is still standing and serves as an on/off duty point for crews working out of Albany. The office is no longer staffed by freight clerks, they were all moved to Atlanta a couple of years ago, but the building is still in use. This is a 2 story building that resembles a interlocking tower. It still has etched into stone, facing the tracks, the words: CENTRAL OF GEORGIA and the date the building was built. I can't remember the date right now and I can't find a picture either. But the CofG name is proudly and prominently displayed. Leary GA-Leary has 2 depots still standing. One is obviously the old CofG depot, located on the south side of the track. It is a small type depot, probably typical of small town depots. Someone opened up a diner in this one for a while but it has since closed. The last time I went by there I didn't notice anything that would make me think there was any activity going on. The other depot could have been an old CofG depot also but it is obviously newer than the one mentioned previously. It is located on the north side of the tracks just east of the old depot. It is a very small, boxy type building. It now serves as the office of the Leary police department. I don't know if this depot was built before or after the Southern takeover.

Arlington GA-The depot in Arlington is still standing but is not in very good condition. The roof looks pretty bad, although it hasn't fell in, and if a carpenter doesn't show it a little attention soon, it may not be with us for very long. This depot looks more like the "classic" style depot with a large warehouse area and loading platform trackside. I have heard that the depot is owned by an individual, but I don't know who.

Blakely GA-I had to mention this one even though the depot was closed and torn down in the 1980's. It would never win any beauty contests since the depot was in effect wrapped in a fluted metal tin material many years ago in an obvious upgrade attempt. But this was my hometown depot and I remember many visits there to talk to Mr. Dunaway or Mr. English, who served as the agent and clerk for many years. In 1981 I went to work for Southern as a clerk/operator and the first time I worked in Blakely was a true thrill. It was heart-breaking to see the building torn down and I harbour a deep resentment toward a certain trainmaster who saw to it that the depot was torn down a quick as possible, before any historical groups could get involved.

Dothan AL-This is another depot that is showing it's years. It was closed in the late 1980's but still serves as a storage area for track crews and still has the phone hooked up so that train crews can use it if they need to. Sometime in the 1990's someone removed the safe that was in this building. It would appear that when the depot was built, someone put the safe down and built the building around it. Removing it required someone to tear out a window and a small part of the buidling itself. The safe was massive and I still don't know how it was removed, even doing those things. After removing the safe, the damage was repaired in a hap-hazard kind of way with a sheet of plywood sufficing for the window.

Hartford AL-I understand this depot is still standing even though the CofG sold this line to the Hartford and Slocomb shortline back in the 1950's. The last I heard, it was serving as a diner. I plan to get over to Hartford soon and see for myself.

I also plan to check out the Eufaula line soon and will report back when I do. The last time I was over that way, the depots at Eufaula, Shellman, Dawson, and Bronwood were still standing and in various states of well-being.. If anyone has information about other CofG buildings, please list it here for everyone to see.

Thanks all, Bryan Smith

-- Bryan Smith (, May 23, 1999


The Lafayette Depot(Chambers county museum) is still in great condition. There is a group of us trying to form the East Ala. model Railroad club.(Ho) The museum has given us most of the freight area of the depot to build our layout of the Chattahooche Valley Railway and the Lafayette Depot area as an addition. the layout is 12'x 38'. The Museum would like to add more railroad memorabillia. Thank You, Donald R. Davis

-- Donald R. Davis (, January 21, 2004.

Made a 3 day depot photo shoot over Labor day holidays. I found a nice brick depot in Thomaston housing a feed and seed store. Nice depot in Barnesville, Forsyth has freight and passenger depots. Depot in Gray in good shape, Gordon has been completely restored. Found Water tank that a gentlemen said was built in 1923. Milledgeville depot undergoing renovations. Found the Round Oak depot sitting in a field and being used as a barn. Found a depot in Shady Dale being used as what appeared to be a cafe. Labor Day couldn't get inside. Farmington Depot in good shape. Porterdale in pretty bad shape. Nice depot in Mansfield housing a reality company. Jonesboro has a nice depot and houses the welcome center. Hapeville nice depot and great place to photograph NS switching Ford Motor Co. Nice depot in Hampton housing city offices. Depot in Carrollton in fair shape, Whitesburg houses a junk store, Greenville in fair shape and Cataula getting pretty run down. I also found a building in Wayside near the tracks that may possibly have been a depot (need help on this one.)

-- Steve Riley (, September 09, 2003.

A sad day for Americus, Ga. The last remaining historic railroad structure in our town was demolished today. See my previous posts above for details.

-- Lee Kinnamon (, May 21, 2002.

Well, another one bites the dust. The depot here in Alexander City, AL. that came from Stroud, AL. on the CofG line between Opelika and Roanoke has been demolished by our fine city leaders. The depot has been sitting at the Charles E. Bailey Sportplex here in town for the last 10 to 15 years and they just now figured out it was eaten up with termites. I question two, things here. Was it really infested or did the city not want to spend money to move it, and, if it was infested, why the hell hadn't the city been spraying for termites all these years? Just plain dumb ignorance. I'm mad here!

-- Dale E. Burns (, April 24, 2002.

I understand the Eufaula depot renovations is complete and the Chamber of Commerce has moved in the building.

-- steve riley (, March 16, 2002.

Yes the depot in Goodwater, AL. still exixts, but with modifications. The passenger side has long since been removed, gone befor it was ever moved. The platforms are nothing more than a deck much like you'd have on your house. But, it is in great condition otherwise. It is used as Goodwaters Civic Center. It's on AL. Hwy. 9 just North of town. There is a picture of it on my DEPOTS page of Dale's Alabama Rail Pics. The URL for my web site is:

-- Dale E. Burns (, November 29, 2001.

Something I don't think has been documented here, but the c.1913 Albany Union Passenger Terminal was originally designed by the Central of Georgia. An elevation drawing on exhibit in the Thronateeska Heritage Center museum indicates the plans were drawn by CofG, so even though it is not marked as a CofG passenger depot, it certainly qualifies as one.

P.S. Please note the new e-mail address. Stephen

-- Stephen S. Syfrett (, November 23, 2001.

I photographed the depot in Dothan, Al. today. It is being renovated as for a photographer's studio. It looks like it will remain for some time to come.

-- Steve Riley (, October 30, 2001.

I just made the trip today up 441 between Madison and Watkinsville with the dorment, tree-studded CofG in sight a great deal of the way. There is a large wooden station at Farmington labled "Farmington Depot" with some sort of business operating inside. It appeared in fair shape. I was trying to meet a deadline and could not stop to investigate. It was in the right place by the tracks to have been the depot, but seemed a little large for what even then would have been a small place. Anyone else come across this? Is there a depot left at Apalachee, which seemed to be a more important stop, at least it warrented a bold heading in the October 1961 CofG Official Guide listing. What about the station in Madison? Were there two? One for the GARR and one for CofG? Who used the one on the western edge of downtown Madison, now a busy spot for local marshalling and loadings. Thanks, Arnold Eaves

-- Arnold Eaves (, July 31, 2001.

I think Goodwater is still standing. It was moved up the hill from the tracks, and, if memory serves, looked like it was used as some sort of meeting hall or something similar (senior center, civic center, etc.). From 'downtown' Goodwater, take the bridge over the tracks, then go up the hill and watch on your left. It seems that it had been fiddled with a good bit- siding, platforms, etc. had been altered.

-- David harris (, July 31, 2001.

Made a trip to Roanoke and Lafayette on June 30, 2001 found an excellent restored depot housing the Chambers County Museum. Several nice artifacts inside from the Central of Georgia including a 1947 rule book, several conductors books, the telegraph key and sounder and many things not railroad related. The gentleman at the museum said they had just spent $60,000 for the tile roof replacement. Roanoke depot houses a carpet store and has been altered outside. The line is still being operated from Opelika to Lafayette.

-- Steve Riley (, June 30, 2001.

A comment about misunderstanding of National Register- Don't relax about a structure's future if you find out it is listed on the NR. This listing actually gives virtually no protection to a building, except in cases where Federal monies are used. It is just recognition that the building is historically significant- without a LOCAL historic preservation ordinance of some kind, or a benevolent owner, the building is still at risk. If you use your own money to alter or destroy an NR structure that you own (or if you just let it fall down from neglect), all that happens is the building is taken off the register if the changes are too great. David Harris

-- David Harris (, June 07, 2001.

A quick update on the Eufaula depot. I talked with the director of the Eufaula/Barbour county chamber of commerce today and was told that work is tentatively planned to be completed around November of this year. He said the depot will be roughly divided into thirds with one third serving as the chamber offices, another third for a museum covering the history of Barbour county, and the other third to be set aside for future expansion. The exterior work appears to be nearing completion while the inside looks pretty much as it did prior to the work starting.

Quickly a tip of the hat to Steve Syfrett for serving as host of the society meeting in Albany this past Saturday. The restored GA Northern caboose looks really good and the firsthand look at the GSWR facilities in Smithville was interesting.

Bryan Smith

-- Bryan Smith (, May 21, 2001.

I made a trip to Andalusia today and found the depot. It houses a museum with a few pictures and telegraph equipment. It has a Southern boxcar, a L&N boxcar, A N&W caboose, a SAL Motor car and trailer outside. For those interested the L&N depot is nearby and here I found an old Passenger car, A RPO car, a couple of old steam locomotives, and a BN caboose. I also found the CG depot to be on the National Historical Register which means it will be preserved. I found no depots standing between Andalusia and Troy. I suppose the Andalusia depot and Rick Perry's home are the only depots of the M&G that are left.

-- Steve Riley (, May 12, 2001.

On a recent tour of the Savannah Division I found the depot in Metter in great shape. It has some nice artifacts inside and a motor car house outside. I found a depot in Pulaski that had been moved from beside the tracks. Statesboro was in great shape housing a cable TV company. Millen was in use by the NS and the old freight depot has an antique shop in it. I found a depot at Perkins in good shape but not in use. The freight house in Wadley houses a feed and seed store. I found the depot at Bartow which was built in 1859 and escaped Sherman to be undergoing renovation. The depot at Toomsboro looks to be unoccupied but in good shape. The depot in Tennille is being reworked there was a NS engine tied up outside. It appeared that the NS was using a small building nearby as an office. The depot in Gordon is in good shape and undergoing renovation. The freight depot at Ft. Valley houses the Ogeechee Railroad and is kind of run down. The old passenger depot is still standing and is occupied by a business. Marshallville is in good shape and houses a bosiness as does Montezuma. I found no trace of a depot at Ellaville. I realize Ft. Valley, Marshallville, and Montezuma are on the Macon division but they were on the route home. I plan to finish from Montezuma to Albany and the lines from Americus to Columbus and Ft. Valley to Columbus soon and will give an update.

-- Steve Riley (, May 08, 2001.

As of Feb 2001, the wood-frame, combination depot at Cataula Ga was still standing by the tracks. I recall it looked to be in fair condition and was occupied by a seed n'feed. Can only imagine the sound of the steam engines fighting the grade over Pine Mountain - very intersting line. Hope this helps.

-- Buddy Hill (, March 29, 2001.

On the old C-Line West of Plant Yates in Whitesburg, the depot still stands and is being used as a junk store. I don't know much about this depot but David Payne may know something about this depot. I moved here from Kentucky in 1987 and by then most of the C-Line activity was reduced to Coal Unit Trains to and from Plant Yates and locals running to Senoia and back.

Jonathan Vanover

-- Jonathan Vanover (, March 21, 2001.

Let's not forget about the wood depot at Gray, GA. Would the c.1857 freight depot in Albany qualify? It was built by the South Western, the first railroad to reach Albany, and is part of the Thronateeska Heritage Center facility, along with the adjacent 1913 Union Passenger Terminal and REA building. While not a depot, there is the c.1926 7th Avenue yard office still used by NS. Unfortunately, all the other CG structures have been long ago demolished. The last standing part of the c.1926 roundhouse/shop complex was demolished in April 1998 (if I remember correctly).

Stepping out a little farther, the last Albany & Northern (Albany to Cordele line) depot I know of is the privately owned Warwick, GA station visible on the west side of GA Hwy 300 south of town toward Albany.

The Georgia Northern Moultrie, GA depot was moved to the Pidcock plantation (Ashburn Hill) where it resides today. Is anyone aware of any other Pidcock Lines depots that still exist?

Thanks, Stephen S. Syfrett

-- Stephen S. Syfrett (, February 24, 2001.

Eufaula-Ozark The Clayton depot has been renovated and houses the city offices. Louisville was used as fertlizer whse and is now vacant. Clio houses a resturant and beauty shop and is in excellent condition. The two-story white house behind the depot was a hotel, not sure whether it was railroad owned or not. Just north which would have been East to the railroad there are 4 houses that housed the section gangs. These houses have been remodeled and the widow of the last section foreman lives in one and the other 3 or occupied. I am looking for photos of the houses before renovation. I am also inthe process of obtaining a photo of a depot that stood in Elamville. I am told there was a depot in Doster and Ariton. Doster and Elamville are between Clio and Ariton. Some of you history buffs might be interested in knowing that iron ore was mined in this area in the late 50's and early 60's and loaded by truck into hopper cars from earthen ramps. There was a ramp east and west of Louisville as well as one in Elamville.

-- Steve Riley (, February 14, 2001.

Thanks for the news David. I was wrong about that one and am grateful that you provided that information. Maybe I'll drop by and visit when I am back in Columbus visiting family.

John Walker Norfolk, VA

-- John Ross Walker, US Navy Retired (, October 27, 2000.

The depot at Greenville is still standing. It was rennovated 4 or 5 years(?) ago and is apparently used by the community for various funcitons.

-- David Payne (, October 26, 2000.

This is in response to Greg Hodges request for information about the Columbus to Greenville line. I grew up in Columbus, GA (graduating from High School in 1975) enlisted in the Navy and moved away. To my recollection, all of the depots from Durand south are all gone. The only structure remaining is, of course, Union Depot or what we called the 6th avenue station, in downtown Columbus. The old 2nd avenue suburban station, which once housed the Columbus Society of Model Railroaders, is gone, along with the stations at Cataula, Hamilton, Pine Mountain (or Chipley), Durand and Greenville, GA. There are some photographs in Beckum and LangleyBs CG photo album, but other than that, all is lost. As of December 1999, the last time I was home visiting my brother in Columbus, the line went as far as Greenville and then the tracks were terminated north (pulled up). There has been talk by the Columbus city council for the last twenty years to put-in a commuter-rail link between Columbus and Heartsfield International (Atlanta) Airport over the old Central line south from Greenville with new right of way directly linking with metro Atlanta and not swinging northwest to Newton from Raymond. Alas, this is all but a pipe dream and I figure that this project too, like CG 223 locomotive restoration, will never get past council discussion. Just another big bag of gas flexing in the consolidated government building. Sound sanicle? Darn right I am.

John Walker, US Navy (Retired) Norfolk, VA

-- John Ross Walker, US Navy (Retired) (, October 24, 2000.

A recent trip to Albany allowed me to pass the CofG depot in Arlington GA. It appears the City of Arlington has acquired the depot and are beginning to make renovations that will turn the depot into a museum and city offices. A large sign in front of the depot proclaims the impending improvements. A chain link fence has been erected between the building and the NS mainline. I understand that NS requires this from a safety point of view in an attempt to keep people off the tracks.

I thought I would try to contact the officials from the City of Arlington to see if they are going to try and preserve the depot as closely to it's original purpose as possible or just what plans they have in mind.

Now if the City of Dothan Alabama would just get interested in the old CofG depot down there...........

Bryan Smith

-- Bryan Smith (, July 13, 2000.

A recent issue of "The Covington News" reports that an effort is under way to try & restore the old depot at Porterdale, Ga. A Porterdale Historical Society is seeking to raise money to restore the depot. Plans are just developing. Will keep the group posted.

-- Conrad Cheatham (, June 02, 2000.

Can anyone in W. Central Georgia tell us what remains standing along side the old Raymond-Columbus route ? I know that most of the track is gone on the upper portion of this route. Thanks.

-- Greg Hodges (, April 15, 2000.

The Central of Georgia depot in Milledgeville, GA is still standing but is in bad condition. This is on the line from Gordon, GA to Eatonton, GA.

-- Justin Dzan (, April 12, 2000.

a few other CofGa Depots are Three Notch Alabama, Depot has long been used as a store on Hwy 82.(Eufaula to Union Springs line) Fitzpatrick, Alabama Depot was long used as a Post Office. Now used as an office.(Union Springs to Montgomery line) Hurstboro, Alabama Depot was moved in 1980 to save from destruction and remodeled into a house. Is very recogonizable as a depot and has a track relaid in front. Was long also home to CRR&B (CofGa) #2 (recently #2 went to Savannah museum). Wife, son and I call this Depot home.(Mobile and Girard/CofGa Andalusia branch)

-- Rick Perry (, February 29, 2000.

Opelika AL: I would think this qualifies, the old station that served both the C of G and Western Ry of Alabama is still standing in good condition, right in the corner of the interlock! One of the RR's (NS or CSX) still uses it for storage, I guess.

-- chris terry (, February 17, 2000.

Gordon GA-- was being used by the local chalk mine for storage, but was recently donated to the city of Gordon by NS. They have received a grant to restore the building, but have not begun the process. It sits empty and in great need of repair.

Toomsboro GA-- The depot is standing and in need of repair. Still owned by NS. The local historical society is trying to get the building from NS in order to restore it to its former glory. If anyone has any suggestions for the best way to go about getting NS to release the building, please pass it along...all help would be appreciated.

-- Becky Vinson (, January 14, 2000.

The depot at Mansfield, GA is still standing. It is used by a small real estate dealer. This is on the old Porterdale to Gordon line. The portion through Mansfield is now the Great Walton. Also depot at Porterdale, GA, still stands. It is used by City for various purposes. Its cluttered & track is all gone.

-- Conrad Cheatham (, November 30, 1999.

I am sorry to see it come to this, but I fear the depot in Americus will be coming down. In the future, the community will regret what it has allowed to happen.

I encourage any interested CG fans to visit and photograph the building while it is still possible.

Lee Kinnamon

-- Lee Kinnamon (, November 21, 1999.

An unfortunate update on the Americus CofG depot on McGarrah Street. From the Albany(GA) Herald, November 14, 1999: Dateline AMERICUS - "With no enthusiasm and clear regret, the Historic Preservation Commission approved a permit for demolition of the McGarrah Street freight warehouse depot Thursday. But an idea is already brewing for a way to keep a part of its history alive."

Lee Kinnamon, who responded to the original question here back on May 30, 1999, and is the HPC secretary voted against the action. As part of the permit approval, NS must allow "sufficient time" for thorough photographic and blueprint documentation of the structure. NS is also to provide HPC with copies of original plans for the Victorian passenger station adjacent to the McGarrah Street depot which was demolished in the early 1970s. Salvageable materials from the structure (i.e., brick, doors, windows, etc.)are to be provided to HPC for posible construction of a smaller replica at another location.

Lee, we have not met, but I am sorry it came to this. Here in Albany, Thronateeska Heritage Center has the c.1857 brick depot which was the first depot in Albany. While its condition is slightly better than the McGarrah Street depot, the mortar is badly deteriorated and it suffered some foundation damage during the 1994 flood which was not covered by insurance. We hope to restore the building, but the money has to come from somewhere. Send me an e-mail sometime.

Bryan, good luck and thanks for your question. Lots of good info has shown up. That's what the Q&A Forum is all about!

-- Stephen S. Syfrett (, November 18, 1999.

I made a trip through Georgia in May of 1997 trying to hit as many lines as was possible, and found several depots in doing so. Some depots that I found, but are'nt listed here include STATESBORO, used as offices for a cable TV co.,METTER, fully restored with a Southern bay window cab X-348, SMITHVILLE,in use as some kind of civic offices, ALBANY, used as a museum, and MILLEN, still in use by NS. Other stations I stumbled across, but I'm not sure of their heritage include EASTMAN, HAWKINSVILLE, COCHRAN, LYONS, LAVONIA, and MARTIN.

-- Russell Underwood (, November 11, 1999.

An update on the Eufaula to Ozark line: I caught a copy of the local Eufaula newspaper and read where the local historical group has obtained a grant to renovate the depot in Eufaula. It's not a day too early since the building is beginning to look pretty bad. As of this writing (8/23/99) no work has begun. It's unfortunate but all the tracks that used to be close to the depot have been taken up. The Eufaula depot and yard lay on the part of the line that ran from Eufaula to Montgomery. With the closure of the last industries on this line, the tracks have been taken up. The only industries left are on the old Ozark line and trains go in this direction when they reach the wye at Eufaula. Rumors are that the chamber of commerce may use the depot when it is restored. The depot at Eufaula is a massive building. Clearly legible on the front of the depot, painted in large letters, are the words "Central of Georgia Freight House". Hopefully this depot will soon be seeing better days. Incidentally Eufaula has 2 other depots that are still standing. One is the Eufaula and Ozark railroad depot. It is just east of where the line crosses US431. It is easily seen should you pass through Eufaula on this road. The other depot is close to where the spur to the Alabama State docks comes off the mainline. I am not sure of the heritage of this depot but it is obviously a former railroad depot. The old E&O depot is in pretty good shape and appears to be in use as a storage facility of some kind. The other depot is not in use and in bad shape. It is a brick building that looks like became part of a lumber yard that has since closed. As information on other depots on the Ozark line, the depot at Clayton is undergoing an extensive remodeling. Whoever is doing it appears to be doing it right and from looking in the windows it looks like they are preserving it pretty much as it looked in it's days of use. They have however made a few changes where the warehouse portion of the depot was. It looks as though they are partitioning off parts of the warehouse to form rooms. The agency area looks little changed though. The depot at Louisville is boarded up and doesn't appear to be used for anything. It's looking kind of bad and could stand some attention. The depot at Clio is still a beauty shoppe but at least it's been saved. Someone is doing a good job of keeping it looking nice.

Hope I haven't bored anyone with my ramblings...............

Bryan Smith

-- Bryan Smith (, August 23, 1999.

Here's a quick answer on several stations on the north end of the Atlanta District. HAPEVILLE: The depot is still in good shape and in use as the city's transportation museum. There's quite a bit of rail artifacts as well as other items of the city's airline heritage and general history. You'll see plenty of adjacent NS action as crews switch the massive Ford Plant. Good news: the layout includes an oeprating HO layout. Bad news: the last time I saw it it featured a Santa Fe train running through mountain tunnels. JONESBORO: The ancient stone depot is still standing in good shape and has seen a variety of city/county-directed uses in recent years, ranging from Saturday night bluegrass hoedowns to housing the local tourism operation, stressing the Civil War connection of Clayton County. The depot, of course, was featured in Gone With The Wind. HAMPTON: The brick CG station still stands, little altered from its Nancy Hanks days. I'm not sure what the current use is. GRIFFIN: The station is gone, but the town still has a good "railroad feel" for those of us who enjoy seeing deteriorating brick mills, paved-over spur tracks and a rusty bridge crossing over the yard, necessitating a sign on the adjacent street advising motorists "IF YOU HIT THIS SIGN YOU'LL HIT THAT BRIDGE."

-- Rob Richardson (, June 22, 1999.

Opelika AL-Roanoke AL Branch....The C of G depot is still standing in Roanoke. Is currently a carpet store.

-- JWR (, June 18, 1999.

Last one standing from Union Springs Al to Andalusia is in Andalusia, painted as (supposedly) original rusty red, houses a nice museum of Covington County artifacts, open Sat & Sun 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. (I think)

From Eufaula to Ozark, I've photographed 3. #1, Clayton. White Stucco, asphalt shingle roof, needs tenant/repairing/cleaning. Safe still there, wide open. #2 Louisville, wood (white) with apparant slate roof, looks empty or used for storage. #3 Clio, Rusty red wood, but a little different shade (lighter) than Andalusia, tin roof. Home to a beauty shop.

Nicest one I've seen (excepting Columbus Ga) is in Lafayette, AL, houses a Chambers County Museum, can not remember the construction. Columbus' is soon to be home to Chamber of Commerce, I heard. Great old building.

Re Hartford AL, last time I was there, housed a little store of some sort.

Regards to all, Al

-- Al Pelham (, June 04, 1999.

The superintendent's report of the South Western Railroad Company dated August 1, 1869 states:

"The new brick warehouse at Butler, that was burned in June, 1868, has been rebuilt--the erection of a substantial brick warehouse at Americus has been commenced, and land has been purchased at Montezuma, on which to erect a warehouse, which is very much needed."

The Americus warehouse referred to by the report still stands, albeit in a dilapidated state. It served as both the passenger and freight station on the Central until 1891 when a new passenger station was constructed a short distance north of the freight house. The beautiful passenger station was demolished by the Southern the same year passenger service was discontinued, 1971. Please see my web page ( for pictures of the Central and Seaboard stations in Americus.

The brick freight station in Americus was leased by Sheffield Hardware Company for storage until around 1992. The Norfolk Southern used what had been the telegraph operator's office, which is on the northern and western side of the building, for storage, including sand for their local engines that tie up by the platform. Incidentally, the sand was piled on the floor, causing it serious damage.

The NS came before the Americus Historic Preservation Commission, on which I sit, and filed for a demolition permit in 1992. The permit was denied. The railroad then appealed to the Georgia Public Service Commission, and on August 19, 1993, I testified before the Commission on behalf of the City and the Sumter Historic Trust. Fortunately, the Commission denied the railroad's request. Unfortunately, the station still sits abandoned and falling further into a state of decay.

The City of Americus has made some efforts to acquire the building from the railroad, but the City is so involved in the restoration of the Rylander Theater at the moment that I fear it will be some time before they will be interested in considering ideas for the station's rehabilitation. I just hope the NS does not revisit the issue of demolition in the meantime. The railroad will have a much stronger case, as the City has done nothing to pursue the issue, and it has been nearly six years since the PSC's ruling.

-- Lee Kinnamon (, May 30, 1999.

Chattanooga-Rome line:

Chickamauga, GA- One story, frame structure with stone foundation and lower walls. Built around 1888, this structure is owned by the Walker County Historical Society and currently operates as an area history museum in addition to seeing limited passenger train service. Some Tennessee Valley Railroad trains terminate at Chickamauga, but most are through trains to La Fayette, Trion, and Summerville.

Summerville, GA- This depot is a large, two story frame structure. I don't know when it was built. It is owned and maintained by the City of Summerville and was being used as a municipal meeting hall among other things. It seemed to be in decent shape the last time I saw it.

This line also had stations at La Fayette and Trion. The current La Fayette depot was built by the Chattooga and Chickamauga Railway only a few years ago. There was also a station at Trion, GA. However, it burned to the ground years ago and was not rebuilt, appearently due to the presence of the facilities in Summerville, less than five miles away.

-- Alan Walker (, May 24, 1999.

Hi Bryan, Last August, I had the chance to photograph the depot at Bartow, about 4 miles west of Wadley on the Savannah Line. It's an early (1860's) stone depot with a nice historical plaque. The condition is not great. Looks like it's currently being used by the Bartow DOT as a storage facility.

The depot at Wadley is gone but the freight house is still there; current use unkown.

Hope this helps.

Steve Flanigan, Los Angeles, CA

-- Steve Flanigan (, May 24, 1999.


Byron- not in use but preserved.

Fort Valley, passenger depot houses an insurance company, brick painted white. Freight house is the large brick structure satandard to many locations. Not used. Interlocking tower stil there, not used since the late 50's. Bottom floor was a restaurant ib old days, now a private business.

Marshallville- not used but preserved.

Montezuma- still there, don't know if in use.

Americus- freight house similar to Fort Valley, looks like it's used for storage.

-- Rile Kinney (, May 24, 1999.

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