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Is this a good look,what is the downside?What kind of equipment should I used?I can get my movie into a movie house if it is shot on 35mm and have a pro look,someone told be digital shot film Transfer looked crapie, I DO NOT KNOW NEVER SAW ONE!!!!

-- BDS (, May 23, 1999


I've seen three video to film films projected at my theater and they look fantastic. I saw "The Celebration. The Cruise. and The Blair Witch Project." In fact, once I saw the results, that sold me to dv forever.


-- Zubi (, June 22, 1999.

I saw one recently. I am not a film purist, get that disclaimer out of the way.

I was acceptable. They had used one of the film look digital effects and transferred to 35. They made sure they always had a minimum of light in every frame every where. You never see the digital noise grain because they kept the light levels up. In one shot, the guy is sweaty, and the key light was just making him all shiny. That looked video. Other than that, I was not thinking "this looks like video" thru the film. It worked at a minimum level that left me fall into the colors and the film.


-- Chris (, October 06, 1999.

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