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Hello !! I have a question concerning something I read somewhere !!! R.G had a female friend years ago, a model????. She died of AIDS I think ??? I hope I haven't gotten him confused with someone else, but i'm pretty sure it was him. The article was about this model and it refered to Richard as a friend, nothing else. (70's) Anyway...can anyone help me out with her name ?? I think she was asian and she died early 80's I believe. Thanks from Kristin

-- Kristin Anderson (, May 22, 1999


Hello Kristin, yes, Richard Gere dated a model, her name is, Cindy Crawford. They broke up years ago, now he dates a women who is on the hit t.v. show, Law and Order. And no, she did not die of AIDS. u have your actors mixed up.

-- Samantha (, April 03, 2001.

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