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I found a roll of TMax 400 135 in my coat pocket that I exsopsed December 1998. When I developed it I found pink sections on the film and also on the edges. Any ideas what I did wrong? I used xtol 2-1 at 10:30 68 deg and used Kodak rapid fixer at 3 min. Aggitated 7 times every 30 sec during development and during the fix time. Washed 20 min.

Can I remove the pink now? Will this affect the printing? I use varable contrast paper.

Thank you

-- Harry J Vrobel (, May 22, 1999


It's probably insufficiently fixed. Re-fix (for, say 5-10 min), and re-wash.

-- Alan Gibson (, May 24, 1999.

Some of my film reels tend to grip the film too tightly, causing the chemistry not to make good contact, you can re fix the negs, tho i wouldn't take the chance of causing the negs to swell up or reticulate.

-- Sean (, July 12, 1999.

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