Wealthy Elites Escaping To Canada

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The wealthy have money for their 'flight to quality'. They may have the funds to build a self-sufficient compound and hire security personnel but if the odds are too overwhelming, say in the case of war, or a computer meltdown collapsing the core infra-structure effecting everyone, then their alternative would likely be to find a safe haven to ride out the crisis.

Canada has now been deemed as one of those safe havens in the world to ride out the millennium disruptions. The May.13 Re/Max Cottage Country Report has just come out reporting wealthy Americans and Europeans, especially Germans and Russians, are buying up expensive waterfront properties in North-Eastern Ontario at a "mind-boggling pace".

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Gary Allan Halonen

-- Gary Allan Halonen (njarc@ica.net), May 22, 1999


The "Elites" moving to Eastern Ottawa?? Isn't there SKING there??

Perfect place for a Y2k hideout.

They can have themselves frozen and then later have "they" have died of starvation, the automatic timers will defrost them all for their return to meetings of the New World Order.

Jealous?? How about Yourdon himself moving to Taos, N.M. That is not exactly poverty row? He always leaves out the part about him "downsizing" because his kids were leaving the nest or going to college. Instead of going to N. Montana he was so concerned about the cold there he chose N.M. instead when he sold the NYC pad. Watch your buddy in survivalism buy another place in NYC or Boston in 2000 or 2001 and tell all of you he had to do it for business reasons.

The price range you give is the price range most upper middle class and up people have to pay anywhere to live from London, Paris and Rome to anyplace in North America.

The "super elite" ?? Most of them have many homes from two permanent residences to the weekend homes and the vacation homes mostly in the resort areas. These have always been good investments because there are always people who would rather buy a second or third home rather than pay the equivalent of one year's carry in interest rates and taxes for a 2-4 week stay.

You are total Fruit Cake from this nonsense to your Secret Sheik who told you of the coming "Jihad".

The only "holy war" you will ever see is the one between sanity and misfired synapses constantly waged in your head.

Now take your Prozac or Valium and go join Bruce Beach in the shelter before "they" come and get you.

-- Dr. Jabba (Dr.Jabba@Jabba.Institute.org), May 22, 1999.

I doubt that most Canadians are aware that the government has rescinded the 20% tax on foreign owner's property here and I doubt that would go over well considering that most of us are fed up with over taxation. Personally, I don't feel I should have to subsidize wealthy people from Europe, or anywhere else vis a vis indirect taxation.

-- lynette fiddler (cheek.momma@home.com), May 23, 1999.

Response to Jabba 'The Nut'

Sorry, I'm not qualified to answer your psycho-rant. The mental health profession isn't my field of expertise so I cannot adequately address your numerous deep-seated hatreds. Perhaps you would be more comfortable amongst your like bent-minded peers at Charlie Rabid's denialists forum. The three of them over there must be getting lonely and bored trying to dream up new insults together. You could make a valuable contribution to their vocabulary.

Take care and I hope you get help, Gary Allan Halonen P.S. We still love you.

-- Gary Allan Halonen (njarc@ica.net), May 25, 1999.

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