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I watched LA Confidential and Me and Him again in the last couple of weeks, and they both had endings that were just damn stupid. I wont ruin LA Confidentials' ending but it was entirely inappropriate with everything that came before it. Since i hope to god no one see's Me & Him; i don't feel bad ruining its' ending. The whole movie is this "comedy" about two .... partners (i guess is the best way of putting it) learning to get along with each other. In the ending the main charater is victorious and the two "partners" are getting along fine. The main charatcer walks into the building that he works at, flirting with every girl that walks by him when FOR NO REASON AT ALL the girls (all dressed as secretaries) face the screen and break the fourth wall (again the only time in the whole film) to sing this horrible eighties-pop version of "No Woman , No Cry;" which not only sounds horrible but lyrically has nothing at all to do with anything that happened to anyone in the movie. So what movies ended so in left field that you were left going, "what the hell..." . . By the way, I can tell ya'll the plot of Me & Him if ya' really want to know; but suffice to say - you're not missing anything at all

-- the brain (dkravetz@hotmail.com), May 21, 1999


The one that always frustrated me the most was "Exorcist III," which is a great, spooky, head-trip weird movie all the way up to the end, when the producers obviously decided they needed to tag on a lot more special effects to appeal to the brain-dead teenage horror nuts. So the end of the movie is full of pointless effects and no real resolution to the plot. I always feel guilty about recommending the movie to people, because the end is just so bad.

Also, I saw "The House on Haunted Hill," an old William Castle movie with Vincent Price and Elisha Cook, Jr., a couple of weekends ago. It was spooky and fun for most of the length of the film until the end, which came up out of nowhere and ended with Elisha Cook, Jr. hammily addressing the audience and saying the ghosts are coming for him...and YOU, TOO! And then they ran the credits. Very frustrating.

-- The Scooter (scott.slemmons@enmu.edu), May 24, 1999.

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