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5-19-99 Y2k ( Year 2000 , Millenium Bug ) News Report A vital link in the food chain And the Answer is... Clinton Supports Other Democratic Y2K Bill Controlling the Y2K bug Excellent Discussion Group on Y2k and Utilities (Rick Cowles) Experts Say Small Businesses Complacent about Preparing for Y2K Computer Bug Firms need to check on suppliers for Y2K preparedness GAO's Chief Scientist on the Global Positioning System Local Y2K group worries that we're not sufficiently worried Reducing Local Uncertainty Resellers alarmed over Year 2000 patches Russia still unprepared for Y2K The great denial part II - SEC statements The Oil Industry and the Y2K Problem The Year 2000 threat to the electrical grid Tokyo Stock Exchange Plans to Suspend Trading If Y2K Causes Problems West Texas City Getting Ready for Y2K, but Some Residents Still Skeptical Y2K Readiness Expo Promoter is a Believer in the Cause Y2k Solutions From Amish Country Y2K Tidbits and Constructive Disagreement

-- Tracy Fletcher (, May 20, 1999

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