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What advertisement used a song that made your whole body curl up? For me it's these car commercials using "Thank You for letting me be myself again" by Sly & the Family Stone. I know Sly needs the money (drugs aren't free) but damn it's depressing.

-- the brain (, May 19, 1999


no doubt! my skin still crawls when I think about that rebok (i think) shoe commercial that used the beatles revolution. i think the most (unknowingly) ironic placement so far has to be Mercedes Benz using janis joplins' "Mercedes Benz"

-- the brain (, May 20, 1999.

another one that drove me crazy was motorola using the stones' "you cant always get what you want" for their pager commericials, for two reasons: 1. that was a great tune cuz the verses were loose enough for everybody to have their own intereptation on what the lyrics meant to them, and know i just think of pagers and 2. if "you cant always get what you want" with motorola pagers why would i want one to begin with?

-- the brain (, May 21, 1999.

I've found one good thing about adds taking songs.
That GAP add with the Lovley Day song got that song stuck in my head.
I found out it was Bill Whithers and picked up Bill Whithers Greates Hits and lo' and behold I love Bill Whithers!
I probably wouldn't have picked up that CD if not for hearing that song in the commercial.
That still doesn't make up for hearing Nina Simone hawk cars though ....

-- the brain (, June 01, 1999.

I can't remember the products they advertise, but I get depressed every time someone uses the Beatles or Jimi Hendrix on a commercial. Do the Baby Boomers really need to hear "their" music used to sell throat lozenges?

-- The Scooter (, May 20, 1999.

I just wish Burger King didn't buy the rights to every single song that has ever made me groove (including Welcome Back Kotter).


-- pamie (, May 20, 1999.

There's no recognizable music in this one, but a new Domino's Pizza commercial features an announcer who impersonates the voice of Bootsy Collins. That's just not right. Couldn't they pay Bootsy a few bucks and let him do his own damn voice-over?

-- The Scooter (, June 29, 1999.

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