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I stumbled upon an effort to develop an Open Source IIP-aware image server. I think this is what we are all looking for. Anyway, the author has written almost 90% of the code and it is now working fully. He is in the process of testing it using the DIG's Interoperability Test Suite. Due to his work demands, he has done little to this effort - he works on it when his work load is light. Anyway, if somebody is willing to devote some time to help out - it is Open Source anyway and we all benefit from it - I would suggest checking out


-- Rommel Feria (, May 19, 1999


Where can I find this test site. I am also working at a FlashPix encoder and decoder for a digital camera (so I am not allowed to make my code open source...) and have to test my stuff...

-- Andreas Goertz (, June 01, 1999.

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