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5-17-99 Y2k ( Year 2000 , Millenium Bug ) News Report

Africa Declares Millennium Bug An Emergency - Welcom to the Party An honest company lets us know who will pay for Y2k Are We or Are We Not Y2K-OK Bankers not laughing at Kia's Y2K ad British Army may need to step in to help unready police City misses mark on computer bug - This is mostly true everywhere Companies Gird for 911 Response Failures Early warning talks suspended - THIS IS BAD NEWS Five Myths About the Bug G-15 meet on Y2K to focus on cooperation Government's mixed Y2K messages could spawn panic How Y2k Can Effect the Food Supply Law enforcement discusses Y2K fallout Map of the world's Nuclear Power Reactors Official US Emergency Response Team Police At Risk From Millennium Bug Peril Problems not limited to any single industry Residents urged to get Y2K ready Singling Out Africa's Airports - An Exercise in Deception Sweeping Y2K under the carpet The Courage To Change The Great Denial - Part 1 UK's 999 system at risk US apparel traders fear Y2K slip-ups by global suppliers Will the last one to exit 1999 please leave on the lights Y2K compliant companies can still have problems Y2K could create a world of problems for U.N.

-- Tracy Fletcher (, May 17, 1999

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