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As you may know the Society recently helped in the repainting of CG steam locomotive 509, which is on display in a Macon city park. The initial work was to paint the body black and highlight the wheels.

Now it is time to paint the road number on the cab and the monogram on the tender. We have some ideas how we would like to accomplish this, but would like to open the topic for suggestions. We would also like to get as many hands as we can on the job.

1) Does anyone have any suggestions for paint types and colors. The monogram has a red background with silver lettering and stripes. We would probably be able to find a canned spray paint that would match very closely. How about using a brush for this?

2) What ideas do people have for stencil materials.

Of course, if you can come to Macon this Saturday, 22 May and help, so much the better.

Thanks in advance for any other suggestions.

-- Ron Wright (, May 17, 1999


Thanks to those of you have volunteered to help. Here is the plan.

Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks to Bill for the suggestion about using gift wrapping paper as a stencil material. Sounds good to me.


I don't have any scientific way to pick the paint. I will just get a red that looks close and some silver. I will also get some primer, plus black in case of overspray. I haven't bought the paints yet. PLEASE - if you have a suggestion let me know before Friday lunch time.

Macon Parks and Recreation will be there and they say they can provide two ladders. If any of you can bring a ladder for insurance so much the better, but I don't think that I will try to bring one down from Atlanta in the Honda.

It really helps that the monogram is rectangular. Here are the steps that I am proposing:

  1. Find the center of the car with either a tape measure or buy diagonals with a chalk line. I have a tape measure, but not a chalk line. Then outline the rectangle with masking tape.
  2. Apply primer coat to rectangle.
  3. Apply silver paint wider than stripe around the border.
  4. Using 1/2" masking tape cover the silver stripe around the border.
  5. Apply red paint to rectangle.
  6. Position stencil and apply silver paint to letters. A primer coat may be required.
  7. Remove stencil and complete letters by hand using brush.

This should go fairly quickly if nothing goes wrong.


Ron. Wright

-- Ron Wright (, May 20, 1999.

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