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I am being pursued for a shortfall - I have discovered a strange anomaly in that two valuations were given for my house at the time of purchase differing by approximately #25000. I consider that I may have been falsely sold a self-certified mortgage without proper underwritting (the lender may have lent me more than 75% of the house valuation)- i.e. proper financial investigation of my circumstances then would not have enabled me to continue down this particular loan avenue.

My solictior was about to start making offers to Abbey National when I carefully looked over their defence submited to a court due to be heard 16th June.They bought all the mortgages and debts from CIBC who originally lent the purchase money. Just shows how bright these solicitors are does it not!!!!!! I had a jolly old MIG as well just to add a bit of icing on the cake.

My house was underesold for nearly #25000 less than it was worth but apparently that is acceptable!!!

How can I find out Dept of Environment and other House price Indexes so that I may put together some usefull information and see if the lower valuation (the one in my favour) is correct? Also - This debt has been passed from the original MIG insurer Eagle Star around the houses and now Abbey have it - it started out at #36000 and see how its grown!

Best wishes


-- AEM (, May 17, 1999


There are several ways you can get house price indices but the best way is to ring a few local estate agents and ask them. Most are helpful if you explain why you need to know (though few will put it in writing - that's OK, you just ring as many as you can and note the figures they come up with). Other ways that give less of a local picture are to try your local library, which may have the Times and Sunday Times archive (which usually have reports of Halifax and Nationwide price surveys), Dept of Environment switchboard and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. I'm not sure if the Land Registry make their figures available but they might be worth a go.


-- Lee (, May 18, 1999.

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