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1)What is the salary? Does it vary if so how? 2)Is there room for advancement? 3)Is there any job openings in or around Barren County, KY? 4)What are some negatives for a physical ed. teacher? 5)What are some positives for a physical ed. teacher? 6)What are the educational requirements(how many years, cost)? 7)What about student education (on site training for a phys. ed. teacher)? 8)How are the benefits for a physical education teachers?

Sorry so long but I am doing a career essay and I'm very interested in pursuing a career in physical education.

-- Casey Jo Briggs (, May 17, 1999


Hi Casey,

This is a discussion forum for members of the PDHPE Teachers Association in New South Wales, *Australia* - so it's unlikely any members will be able to answer your questions in relation to the US. But then again you never know.

cjhay PDHPE WebMas

-- PDHPE WebMaster (, May 17, 1999.

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