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I successfully changed the smart.cgi to change from the $ sign to another currency (not really mich work, but no documentation).

What seems to me like a real problem is to use multiple currencies. Even if I will get it to work (I found no manual for using the currency.db) the $ sign will not change when changing the currency.

So using other currencies is impossible when there is always $ on all pages.

Does anone have any idea?

-- Roland (, May 16, 1999


here my own solution in case anyone else gets into teh same situation.

i changed all $ to teh primary currency sign

switch on multiple currencies

the idea is that the shop is running in the primary currency and when checking out it is possible to show the amount in another currency.

Thats how it was ment and how it realy works. the only additional thing I had to do, is remove the $ sign from the script in front of the foreign currency amount.

-- Roland (, May 22, 1999.

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