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A friend gave me some old 620 film (Kodacolor) , the exp date is 1988. Anyone think it's still worthwhile to expose, or should I just cannibalize the spools? Additionally , I have recently aquired an old Polaroid 110 land camera and was curious if the type 47 instant roll film was still availiable 'cause this piece looks like alot of fun to use ! TH & ADV!

-- Dan (, May 16, 1999


Response to Is it too old?

I shot an old roll of Tri-X. I don;t know how lod, but it had the old style long leader. I shot it at 400 and developed normally. The negatives are pretty thin, but there are images (darkroomnot finished so no prints yet). BTW the film was not stored in any special way.

I would say that it will work, but the ISO may be slower than it was. Also with color, I would think you might get some color shifts.

Try it and have fun.

-- Terry Carraway (, May 17, 1999.

Response to Is it too old?

If you are talking about a significant amount of film, test a few rolls and see what happens. If you are talking about a few rolls, what would be the point? By the time you tested for the correct ASA, you would be out of film! I certainly wouldn't take any chances using it on a trip to Yosemite!!

-- J.L. Kennedy (, June 07, 1999.

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