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I buy steam whistles in any size, type, or condition. Some makers of the steam whistle were Lunkenheimer, Lonergan, Powell, Crosby Steam Gage (Gauge) and Valve Company, Star Brass, Kinsley, Lonergan, etc. Some locomotive manufacturers and locomotive shops made their own steam whistles at their shops. Some were in brass, bronze, iron, etc. Steam whistles were used on tractors, sawmills, factories, ships like the Titanic, etc. Southern Railroad made nice chime whistles. I would love to get one of those. I buy them all! Highest prices paid! E-mail me at:

Alva Cunningham 509 South 34th Street Middlesboro, KY 40965


-- Alva Cunningham (, May 16, 1999


Alva, I have built steam whistles. My last one was a six chambered ("D" diminished) unit modeled after the ones used in the 1950's Royal Hudson locomotives.


-- Wayne Harris (, June 17, 2001.

What do you do with them after you buy them? I'm looking for a very deep 3 or 4 chim whistle for a 1916 65HP J.I. Case Steam Engine is why I ask.

-- David Moore (, June 29, 2001.

I have a question, Ihave a 12in, brass steam whistle I would liketo sell what could I get?

-- fay riehle (, February 23, 2002.

I am also looking for steam whistles but I am looking for all whistles to collect. I just love the way they sound I also give best prices. Please contact me at I can also price any steam whistle you have all you need to do is email me with the type of whistle and your question and i'll answer you with in the day!! Thanks Matt

-- Matt (, November 05, 2002.

We have 18 antique steam whistles available for sale. They came off of two antique steam calliopes that were purchased and used by Disneyland for their 1980 (25-year) cellebration. I believe that the whistles are probably a combination from the 2 calliopes, since none of the numbers match. They are copper with a brass top and bottom. Some are quite large. We also have the boiler, manifold, keyboard and various other small parts. The calliope was converted from steam to natural gas, then from natural gas to compressed air. It was then sent to Florida (where it is still used). So all the steam parts were "scrapped". That's how I aquired them. We are very interested in selling the boiler. If interested in any of the equipment, I can send pictures.

-- Sharon (, July 07, 2004.

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