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ok ok ok all I'm hearing around me is an 18 or 21 age limit, well thats all good for you but i'm 14 and clean. I go for the music and the dancing, no drugs or sex. so in a while I won't even get to party.

-- Anonymous, May 15, 1999



-- Anonymous, October 07, 1999

age?? why do you even bring it up... age has nothing to do with raving or electronic music... look at all the DJs. do you see any under 21 worth a shit? not very often...raves have been going on now in the USA for over 10 years and over 30 years in europe. the only thing age has to do with it is the venue (alcohol or not).

-- Anonymous, November 01, 1999

I agree with you too but drugs and sex happen at parties. I know because I participate in them. It's the law that everyone's afraid of. Things like contribution, curfew laws, etc. scare some production companies too much to let under age people in.

-- Anonymous, March 05, 2000

I am underage and have attended many raves and clubs. I believe though you can not stop underages going it is dangerous for them in the long run as they don't know what they are letting themselves in for. The scene is to big and scary for young people like me. I had to get out and it wasn't easy. Some people say they don't need drugs and all that other stuff but if you are around it you are part of it. Passively!

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2000

ok well i have been goin to ne york parties since i waz 14. the scene there iz a lot rougher then here in north carolina. me i use to do drugs then i noticed that im not goin anywhere to fast so i got my self out of them. now that i stoped i look around and see how mest up the scene iz. all the new kids that r comin in to da scene, i try to teach them that the music is more important then the drugs. i hate it b/c i alwayz end up help these girls in da bathrooms with there heads in da toilets and almost past out on da floor. i hate it so those who know keep it real and talk to da new kidz that are coming in to da scene if yew know them.. P.L.U.R.

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2000

fuck the age thing, if you want to be a true raver, then you rave your heart out, I hate it when people accuse me of going to raves just because of hte drugs, Im 17, and ive been raving since i was 14, you had to be 16, to get into clubs wich is reasonable, i guess, that there shouldnt be an age limit, if it's reasonable, but if it gets out of hand with like 13 yr olds there, c'mon, all the drugs and shit shouldnt be exposed to someone of that age...especially at a place like a rave.....

-- Anonymous, December 15, 2000

If it is a club that serves alcohol, there is not much that can be done. You gotta be at least 18 to walk though the door and that is state law.

But as for events without alcohol, it is a result of history of kids (under18) going in, getting fucked up, getting arrested, going home high and having their parents call the cops on the party, shit like that....

Half of me says its unfair, but the other can sympathise. having minors at parties opens up a pandora's box of liabilities. My advice? The parties you CAN get into, make a GOOD NAME for the under 18 crowd... maybe things will change.

-- Anonymous, December 19, 2000

Well hello all my party people i am 16 years old i have been in tha party scene for about a year now i go to raves and events. Im not a raver im not a groover im a glowstickninja. And my opion on this is that how can you be a raver if your only 10,11,12,13 come on now your beairly starting to get through JR high. I go to have fun not to do any thing eligle. But little kids can you please stay at home and watch power rangers before u jump in to the party scene??? well im out and representing all my glowstick ninjas out there. GLOWBLE ENT.

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2001

Hey Joseph---when you learn how to spell: come back and maybe I will take you seriously. age 17

-- Anonymous, May 17, 2001

well age is just a number ok i don't get people when they say ur too young well US YOUNG PEOPLE KICK ASS AND WE UNDERSTAND ALOT MORE THEN U OLDER FUCKERS!!!!! well i'm turning 16 in how mucn months 4 well i don't care i do drink and smoke well just have fun with life don't ever treat younger people like there nothing we kick ass!!!!! so and never fuck with a raver

100% RAVER HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

-- Anonymous, October 16, 2001

I think that kids under 16 should be able to get in but not drink ar shit like that cause when you get hooked on smokin and drinken and drugs youll be wishen you never did em and youll be pised and blamin god for what you did when you did the drugs then youll be erased from his book and go to hell so all you litle kids 15 and under stay away from drugs aight, talk to yall later. age-16

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2001

rave is a pile of shite anyway, youse shouldnt waste yer time at a bunch of pathetic raves when you could be at a decent concert or doin sum shit like that

-- Anonymous, November 07, 2001

ok, I'm 16 and I love swing and techno (most any genre of it). I also like some punk like the drop kick murphys and misfits. but my point is, I know who i am. the only thing that makes a person 'too young' is because 'at that age' you don't know who you are. but that's not true. it's just a generalization. I know myself better than some 20 year olds (sadly). techno has a beat to it that no other music does. I vaugly recall reading something about this. so if a stupid immature 23yr old can feel it, why couldn't a pure 14 yr old? I smoke, but I'm about to quit because I just realized after trying to dance to one of my trance cds, I just don't have the lung capacity to do it good anymore. so I'm quitting. *shrugs* but I have fun just dancing to techno in the privacy of my own house, because I feel the music. I love turning it up and feeling it pulse through me. it's what made me start dancing. I couldn't help it. I bounce my leg if I even think about it because it gives me so much energy. so if you're under 16 or 18, then just find some friends if you can and dance together if you want a community feel. best of luck to you all. :)

-- Anonymous, December 02, 2001

listen i am still young and waiting to go to my first rave but guess what i know just about everything about it like the drugs which i would never do the music the danceing ( like liquid) but ya know my brother is in the rave scene for the right reasons music and the dance some of us wanna-be's really can be a authentic raver if we got a chance older kids that i know are in the scene for drugs and consider the real ravers posers B cause they don't do all the drugs. i think that the scene is about the P.L.U.R. which i highly respect so keep o raveing and watch out for me soon!

-- Anonymous, December 15, 2001

Word up Paige. You tell 'em, watch out for us yo!!! I'll getcha' on the guest list!!!

Word UP!!!! Spinnin' and grinnin' baybee!!! Fifteen and still feelin' it. Old as s&%*#($#(*$#()*$*hit!! Hell ya! Y'all 14 year olds dont know how to dj. F)(#*ckin poser a(#$*)#es.

Anyway, werd werd werd werd!!!!

Keep on ravin'!!!! Introducing!!! THE ONE!!! THE ONLY!!! DJ WicKed TRanCe!!!!!

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2001

just sort of stumbled upon this, but thought I'd add.... I didn't get into the scene till I was halfway through my 19th year. I didn't even apreciate electronic music until then. But I still understand where the younger ravers are coming from. They just want a place to hang out and dance to good music, like the rest of the world. I started doing drugs when I was 15, raver or no, and I don't think going to parties would have made any difference, except maybe it would have given me something more fun to do than smoking a bowl and watching Monty Python with a couple friends. I can't tell kids to stay off drugs, because I'd be hypocritical, but I can tell everyone just to party for the right reasons, not the wrong ones... PLUR, keep dancing, mad respect going out to all the candy kids.... I love you all. If you ever see a DJ Inergy at your club, come see me.

-- Anonymous, December 27, 2001

Hey Iam 13.I know to some people iam young but trust me if you didnt know my true age.Iam mature for my age.Growing up from 10-13 I have been around drugs techno and major club hopers.My sister Heather use to go to raves all the time.When she would tell me storys about the Raves I thought it was some cool fucking shit.Then i started to hang out with a friend on mine named Jared he would put strings on glow sticks and twirl them around like crazy going with a beat to a techno song.I thought it was cool.So i started to learn.I got into all sorts of techno music.I have tryed XTC witch is trippy shit.I am 13 now and i rave like crazy.You think i need the drugs the sex would be nice but i dont need the drugs.All i need is some good techno a few glow sticks a few friends maby a little beer.And a strobe light.Iam growing up in Jupiter Fl. I am always in Rave contests.Who do you think wins?

-- Anonymous, January 21, 2002

speaking from personel experience, i was just like all you kids back when i was 14, 7 years ago. i was all about the partie scene during high school. at first it was all about the music and the positive atmosphere but then it did lead to drugs as i got older. it hit my friend harder than it hit me. in some ways i think that we matured a little too fast and now she is gone. i do believe that some things that we experienced was a big part behind what happened. you should go out and enjoy parties, eventhough they are pretty damn lame now a days unless you are on drugs, but be safe and remember that you are only a high school student. believe it or not you are still kids hell i am still a kid but i am a whole lot wiser because of age. in all reality high schoolers are still babies.

-- Anonymous, February 04, 2002

I think to put it simply, a raver is a person who goes to raves, regardless of age. I read quite a few notes here that flirted with the topic of being 'a real raver' or perhaps a 'poser raver.' Friendly advise: Just be yourself.

And don't think that big pants, piercings, or tatoos show your individuality. It is my belief that it often, but not always, proves just how susceptible we really are to our surroundings.

So when your standing there dancing your *ss off, music louder than life, lights blazing, and you find yourself looking for an answer...

... any answer

Look into yourself, be true to yourself, and if you still don't know F it - just keep dancing.....

-- Anonymous, February 12, 2002

I dont think theres an age limit.Im a 15 year old ex-hippie,raver wannabe.I dont think theres anything wrong with that.I dress like a kande raver because it makes me feel my happyest.I dont dress like that to be a poser.I think raves should be spoken about more!Damn i cant even find them....i dont really care if im underage.....its a family i was born to belong to.I believe in PLUR all the way.....and yes stickers,bubbles,and laughter can really help you forget your problems. Peace y'all

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2002

Ok I stumbled on this site because I'm doing a paper for COLLEGE, no I'm not 15- on how Ecstasy and Trance are connected, I mention E because that is the #1 drug at raves. I think that the age limit should be 16, under that you're a child and should not be exposed to shit like this- and wait at 16 you should go to parties that are not as crazy and "open" as those for 18 and 21 yea olds as kitty put it. Now you gota have controlled parties, I guess you can call them teen parties. Yeah you might say you're 19 you can say that you're legal. I we through the age where I couldn't get in and listen deal with it, it's for your own good. For all the below 16.....before you get into the E and everything, remember, MUSIC IS THE ANSWER, and this all started from the music so don't let that confuse you. Drugs are not the clubs and raves #1 goal. Also keep your head straight, remember school and/or work. And of course if you're gona do drugs, don't let them DO YOU. Peace, Love...........Trrrrrrrrraaaaaaaannnnnnnceeeeeeee 4 Life.

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2002

Hey yall. dont want to intrude but i just thought i would put my 2 cents in. Age don't mean shit. Age doesnt matter at all. Everyone is always obsessed with age. You can't get around it... You are either too young or too old you can never win. People should just get a fucking life and worry about things more important than age... well i bitched enough im out Christy age:23

-- Anonymous, April 21, 2002

any goddamn ravers under the age of 18 should be AT HOME, IN BED on a friday/saturday night.

jeez, where are your parents!?! what do they think of this?!?!

-- Anonymous, August 26, 2002

so yea i think that there should be an age forravers it should be 18 at least. All of these stupid ass little kids are trying to get in the scene and be kool ut there not all they do is go and do some stupid drugs and get all the rest of the scene a bad rep and like thats not kool. ok well dont hate on me for my anwser

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2002

Hey im 17 , i went to my 1st rave when i was 14, no i wasnt rolling , but i loved it! allthough i think back on it now and i really dont think 13.14 year olds should be going to clubs and raves, its just to much for them, they see the people rolling and it looks like fun and they wanna try and then there just going for the drugs and not for the music! Although i REALLY wish they would lower the age limted to at last 16, i mean im 17 and im having a hard time geting to alot of clubs and raves! its a pain in the ass, now ive leared alot over the years , what not to do, where not to go ect ect ect and i really think that 17 is a good age. but thats just me, or and if anyone knows anywhere that will let a 17 year old chic in LET ME KNOW!! PLEZ!

-- Anonymous, October 18, 2002

i don really think the age thing makes a big difference. im 13 and have been to raves and stuff like for awhile. you probably think im just a lil kid who knows nothing but i know more than that! kids right now get exposed to drinking AND drugs and stuff at a young age. im in thailand and ive been going to ministry of sound here. i see people WAYYY underage and the cops do bust in occasionally. but we always had a way outta there b4 nethin happens. so there.

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2002

I'm doing a story on age limits of raves and i need some people to e-mail me and say do you agree or disagree w/ putting the age down to 15 thanks so much

-- Anonymous, November 06, 2002

i don't agree that the age limit should be droped as 18+ year olds mix with 14 to 16 year olds is bad as there older and could easyly take advantage. but the younger generation should have a place to rave. i go out most wkends and dance my tits of and its fucking great the only thing i can sugest is fake id a lot of my younger mates have it and have no problems getting in the clubs eg gods kittchen imporim crasher etc send me an email or chat to me on msn i luv chating to ppl about clubing and no loads of prmoters might be able to swing u in to some clubs take care choowey criss.xx

-- Anonymous, January 05, 2003

he he YEsss... Raves wish i was at 1 right now......

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2003

Im 15 and raves are the buzz, even though there isnt any around stockton we still go to sunderland, raves should be open to 15 year olds. Us teenages like a raven buzz aswell as any one else, people say them places are full of drugs and that, well yeh most people are rocking but not all people, the tunes and lazers give yeh a buzz, but drugs are sorted make you rush and that. But not all people are on them only the people that want a megga buzz. raves are proper sorted espeially whene the tunes kick in and the posse is bounceing. RESPECT TO ALL THE HAPPY RAVERS. AND KEEP THE BUZZ ALIVE

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2003

Im 15 and raves are the buzz, even though there isnt any around stockton we still go to sunderland, raves should be open to 15 year olds. Us teenages like a raven buzz aswell as any one else, people say them places are full of drugs and that, well yeh most people are rocking but not all people, the tunes and lazers give yeh a buzz, but drugs are sorted make you rush and that. But not all people are on them only the people that want a megga buzz. raves are proper sorted espeially whene the tunes kick in and the posse is bounceing. RESPECT TO ALL THE HAPPY RAVERS. AND KEEP THE BUZZ ALIVE 28.2 2003

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2003

heya my first rave was an illegal one at the age of tripped the shit outa me but then opened my eyes to life. i am now 16 and am going to all the legal raves out there Utopia,godspeed they are fuckn crazy! i believe in PLUR all the way and i believe a true raver is someone who goes there for the music and atmosphere..the ppl who pop are the wannabies..i get off from the raves not the lil pills.. my advice..if u r a pill poppa try going straight for once the natural high u get off it all is amazing. have some fucking imagination

-- Anonymous, May 17, 2003

I agree wit u clair i dont need pills 2 enjoy a nite out i like to b on a straight head and just drink lots of beer iam 17 i smoke weed and tabs but party pills rnt 4 me and i wud not recomend them 2 no 1 number 1 party man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, June 03, 2003

lol people lets keep it simple im 15 i have been going to events for about a year its not about the drugs you take or what age you are when you go to your first rave or any of that it should be open for everyone after all it is the electronic music thats brings us all together as one..trance,happy hardcore and whatever else they are spinning at the event its all good but lets just understand as long as your cool with the scene and dont fuck yourself up or give it a bad rep and are your true to is for everyone no such things as posers if your haveing the time of your life =) plur people

''everyone on this earth is truely one''

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2003

i dont think anything should have age limits, like they say, we are all equal, if we ar equal shouldnt they treat us equal?

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2003

Hi. I'm here kinda late, but in case anyone ever again stumbles in on this like me, I wanted to add some things too. I do agree that some young people are more mature than some older people who party at raves. But for the middle schoolers, I'm not sure if thier hormones would let them have as much maturity as we seem to agree is necesary to attend a rave. It's hard to put an age limit because doing that you know that you are not letting in a lot of kids who really do understand what the scene is supposed to be about, and you also know that you are letting in a bunch of adolescent 20-something year olds.

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2004

I'll be 19 in a coupla' weeks, and i've been around the west texas scene for three years. And what I think is that the scene isn't what it used to be. Back then, you HAD to break into an abandoned warehouse if you wanted a party, but now days clubs are capitalizing on the growing popularity in most cities, making it harder and harder for the younger generation of ravers to party...And then you got the dumb asses who give the scene a bad name by passing out from dehydration and hypothermia on the dance floor. If you're gonna ROLL, be fucking smart, cause thats when you have motherfuckers on dateline talking about irresponsable MDMA users, which sets the scene back further and further. DRUGS ARE NOT AN EXCUSE FOR STUPIDITY!!! anyways, thats all i smart, be safe, (plur & all that crap)

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2004

all u young ones will understand why we dont want young people in our clubs once u grow up ... its dangerous for young people little kids shouldnt be subjected to these kinds of things ... plus we dont want stupid immature lil ones runnin around annoying us.....

-- Anonymous, April 13, 2004

yi ya mug

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2005

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