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Okay, here was the problem with the dropped shopping cart items in SSL mode - or at least this was the problem with my server.

If you have looked through the shopping cart at all then you will know that the cart is stored as a file called "reffile". The problem was with the location of the reffile file. My server would create two reffiles (one in non secure and one in secure) due to the format of some ssl servers. What I did to fix this problem was change the line reading:

"$reffile = "$tmpdir$delim$storename-$host";"


"$reffile = "../docs/$tmpdir$storename-$host";"

I hope this helps - ps remember to backup the current script before trying this, just in case.

Don (

-- Don (, May 15, 1999



Was looking at your fix and I do not see how it could work. "$reffile = "$tmpdir$delim$storename-$host";" changed to "$reffile = "../docs/$tmpdir$storename-$host";"

If you left out the "$delim" there is no "/" between "tmpdir" and "$storename". Putting "../docs/" before "$tmpdir" you did not have to do. Just put it in the "s-mart.cfg" file "docs/tmp" no need to edit the "s-mart.cgi". Did you check your "tmp" directory to see if it was creating new files with "$storename-$host" or just "$storename". I do not meen to criticize it just does not look right to me but if it works on your system go with it. But you should double check it.


-- James L. Farmer (, June 10, 1999.

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