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I just got a Minox IIIs and shot a roll of Minocolor 100 through it last weekend. Most of the shots were exposed at 1/1000, with the focus set to the hyperfocal setting. Some of the resulting 3 X 5" prints are quite good, but there's more problems than I thought.

There's way more grain than I expected in 3 X 5" prints. How can I improve this? Is the new Minocolor Pro 100 significantly better for grain? Would more accurate exposure help?

Focus/Sharpness isn't great, either. It looks like, on the Minox, infinity is WAY closer than I thought. Closeups focused by "guestimate" at from 1-2 ft. looked pretty good. Near foreground, and moderatly near subjects look fine, but everything else looks like I should have set focus on infinity. Any ideas? Is the "B' lens significantly sharper than the IIIs?

-- Joe Buechler (, May 15, 1999



-- martin tai (, May 15, 1999.

Graininess tends to be reduced by overexposure. There are also other benefits, such as a mild washing away of skin defects and perhaps a better color balance. If you are shooting color film try to get one with the lowest Kodak PGI rating for grain. Currently Royal Gold 100 and PJN-100 or even the tungsten balanced PJT-100 have the best scores. In the black and white arena look for the lowest RMS value. Techpan 25 has the lowest with a 5, and the tmx, tmz have 8 and 10 respectively. The only real answer is to experiment to find out what you like!

-- George Maltezos (, May 16, 1999.

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