Expired APX 25, how dramatic is that?

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I found several Agfapan 25 (120 roll-) films with expiration dates july '93, july '94 and january '98 (most). What can I expect from them? 12 ASA, blurry? Anyone any input on this?

-- Lot (lotw@wxs.nl), May 15, 1999


-- Lot (lotw@wxs.nl), May 15, 1999.

I would try Jan '98 batch and discard the rest, they're probably too old. You don't give an information about how the films have been stored i.e. fridge or room temperature. In any case, as a first step take a test roll expose it at ISO 25 and extend the development by about 10-15%. Based on the result you can decide what to do next. Whatever the result, do not relay on this films for realy serious work. E.

-- Evgeni Poptoshev (evgeni.poptoshev@surfchem.kth.se), May 18, 1999.

Thanks for the respons Evgeni. I indeed used the jan.'98 for exposures and the july'93 for practice and inspection of a new Rollex cassette. I developed with Rodinal 1+25 according to standard prescriptions of Agfa which is in my experience pretty contrasty. Results are fairly adequate, a bit at the soft side, which is with this combination probably not normal, but within tolerances and actually rather convenient. No problems with sharpness or fog.

-- Lot (lotw@wxs.nl), May 18, 1999.

I forgot to add that I always kept the films in a refrigerator (at 5 degrees Celsius), which has fallen out a few times for a few days.

-- Lot (lotw@wxs.nl), May 18, 1999.

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