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What was the other illness the HIV positive woman had in the 5/13/99 episode, I think it was like CMV or something like that, and why did Carol freak out about it?

-- C. Stanley (, May 15, 1999


Response to Carol's freak out

I'm guessing that CMV (not a medical expert here) must be a disease easy to contract in the blood, not unlike HIV; it appears that Carol freaked out because she was afraid her baby might get exposed to it (just like she did when she walked into the X-ray trauma). Fortunately, Kerry picked up on her fears, and told her that as long as the baby was already past first trimester, it was okay. Hope that helps.

-- Chris A. (, June 24, 1999.

Response to Carol's freak out

CMV stands for cytomegalovirus and is easily transmitted from person to person through any body fluids, not just blood. Most people, by the time they are adults, have been exposed to this virus at one time or another, with no resulting illness or symptoms, except maybe a mild mononucleosis-type illness. It is only really dangerous in people with poor immune systems, like those with HIV or transplant recipients, or in pregnant women, because it can cause severe mental retardation and deformities if the fetus is exposed during the first trimester of pregnancy when the fetal organs are developing. Most likely, Carol had already at one time or another been exposed, and even if not, luckily she was in the 2nd trimester so there is less risk to the fetus. Hope that helps!

-- Laura (, June 25, 1999.

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