G Scale models of Seaboard locomotives & caboose

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Looking for info on where I might find G Scale versions of Seaboard caboose, diesel locomotives, and steam locomotives.

-- Samuel A. Bennett (samuel.bennett@lmco.com), May 13, 1999


The ACL NW2 in G Scale is numbered 605, the GP7 is nr 234, and USA Trains has just come out with an ACL F3 numbered 346. All are purple and silver. A couple of cabooses are out in G Scale for ACL which are painted purple and silver. No RTR psg cars are avail for ACL or SAL in G Scale, but a few out of scale ACL boxcars are avail.mw

-- mike west (mwest4@home.com), March 30, 2000.

There is very-little available in SAL RTR G-scale equipment. Aristocraft has a SAL OBS boxcar and not too long ago did a 4-pak of small covered hoppers (3 of the 4 paint schemens were incorrect). No RTR loco's are available, althought I have heard USA might do either their NW-2 or GP7/9 in SAL...but, don't hold your breath. There are a number of good loco's out there, but you'll need to paint and decal them yourself. A G-scale wide-vision caboose has been announced (USA or Aristo, can't remember which) but alas, no SAL. USA does a NW-2 and GP-7 for ACL..... Nothing correct in steam.

Good Luck,


-- Ted Strickland (Tstrickland@pol.net), May 14, 1999.

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