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Has anyone had problems with their Epson photostylus 700's? I'm on my 2nd one. They work fine for a while and then make a Zrrp! sound and don't print anymore. I took mine back to officemax just now and they told me they'd sent all the 700's back to Epson storewide and so didn't have any to replace mine with. They also wouldn't let me trade for something else. Can anyone give me a recommendation on what to replace it with. Thanks,


-- Kim Critchfield (, May 13, 1999


Kim, Epson leads the way in consumer ink jet. You might consider the new Epson 750. It has more ink jets than the 700. The 750 is new and not in the stores yet but they can be ordered by your dealer. Make them credit the price of your 700 toward the 750. Get the full specs at EPSON.COM. GOOD LUCK!!


-- Chris Cunningham (, May 23, 1999.

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