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Is there any of Boris Vian's poems which is published or any on anywhere that I can reach? Also I would like to know Boris Vian's published books that are filmed in any country? I will be very much happy if you can respond to my questions thank you very much dilek p.s. I am using my friends internet access, that why you gonna receive her e-mail adress.

-- dilek erdal (dilek.erdal@ottomanbank.com.tr), May 13, 1999


I have been unable to find English versions of Vian's poems. There are plenty of French editions.

There was a film version of I spit on your graves. It was terrible. There was also a film version made in the late 60s or early 70s of L'Ecume des Jours. I haven't seen it. Matt O'Neill, who is on the Boris Vian Newsletter mailing list, wrote a new screenplay of I spit on Your Graves for Sparrow Films -- it hasn't been made yet.

-- Robert Whyte (rob@toadshow.com.au), May 13, 1999.

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