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US Asset-Backed Q4 Volume May Be Bitten By Y2K Bug

By Tim Ryan

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A growing number of U.S. asset-backed players are considering staying out of the fourth-quarter market for fear of exposure to a year-end bug. ``

But it isn't a flu bug that market participants hope to avoid. It's the Year 2000 bug, or the Y2K bug that some analysts believe has the potential to cause worldwide computer problems and economic fallout.

``That's one a lot of people are talking about right now,'' said Thomas Hourican, head of asset-backed securities (ABS) research at Chase Securities. ``I'm not sure Chase (Securities) is one of them, but a lot of (investment) banks around the Street are advising a lot of clients to avoid the fourth quarter.''

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-- Mr. Kennedy (Mr.K@home.late), May 13, 1999


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-- No Spam Please (, May 13, 1999.

Thanks for the heads up on this. While I have heard rumors that there is awareness in the finacial/investment sectors, this is the first hard line statement I have seen published to confirm it. Good catch, Mr. Kennedy!

-- Gordon (, May 13, 1999.

Apologies for the repost "No Spam". Sometimes playing catch-up isn't very efficient. I have missed days here and there ;-)

Mr. K

-- Mr. Kennedy (, May 13, 1999.

'Sokay, Mr. K. Link-posting's a hobby.

-- No Spam Please (, May 13, 1999.

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