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I am a housing researcher at the University of York, UK. We are doing research on the use people are making of the Internet to get advice, information and support in a number of areas of health and social care. Details of what we are up to is at We would be really interested to hear from anybody who has made use of this excellent home repossession site, especially if they feel that it has prevented them from being repossessed or improved their situation in some other way. Users of the site may also find our new work for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation of interest. It is called Losing the family Home: the Social Consequences of the Experinece of Mortgage Repossession. It is published in mid July 1999. Our web site has research results which may be of use/interest as well.

Roger Burrows Centre for Housing Policy University of York

-- Roger Burrows (, May 12, 1999

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