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I am a fine art still photographer and would like to move into doing some 2-4min short films for gallery exhibitions. I am very interested in the posibility of editing digitally, but do not know if the quality available with a single ccd DV camera and my current computer setup (300mhz G3 w/8GB IDE drive and 92MB RAM) is sufficient for this.

The films I'd like to make would be in black & white and have a quality similar to early cinema (circa 1920-1940), with a slightly softer resolution and deep blacks. The end results would be either transfered to tape or (even better) to DVD, when affordable.

Can anyone offer their opinion as to whether the above is possible with my existing equipment or if I should look at more traditional routes, such as 8mm film, etc...

Thank you, Jamie Dro

-- Jamie Drouin (jdrouin@home.com), May 11, 1999


Do you have the B&W G3? Then, yes, you can. Get Edit DV unplugged for $99 from digitalorigin.com and you can cuts/wipes/and moving text.

92MB is enough for even Final Cur pro. 8 GB/s is enuf for 2-4min length things. DV gives you 4.5min per Gig.

forget DVD for a good while.

-- Chris D. (karris2000@email.com), June 10, 1999.

You don't need the B&W G3.. you can find beige ones that DO support eide drives and spend the extra $$ on RAM and overclock them too (if your warranty is void

-- Josh (josh_bruisn@frankel.com), August 09, 1999.

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