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I'm thinking of investing in the 3x wide angle XL lens for the XL1 - has anyone had any experience of this lens - how useful, problems etc.? Brendan Somers

-- Brendan Somers (, May 11, 1999


I have used the Canon 3x WA lens and was pleased with the result. Another option, and much cheaper, would be to buy a Century Optics .6X wideangle adapter made for the XL-1. This adapter fits on the bayonet mount for the 16X's lens hood. The cost is about $370 and the optics are excellent. Another benefit is that you have a wideangle lens that has an image stabilizer. The Canon 3X lens does not have one. Either lens will make you happy. Good luck.

-- Roger Richards (, May 12, 1999.

The problem with any aspheron that you put in front of the lens is 1)it makes it impossible to use any filters and 2)it leads to a lot of unwanted flare and thereby lower contrast, less saturated images.

-- Phineas T Gage (, September 02, 1999.

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