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Jon Hinkle and I rowed with fsu from 92-96. We currently row a double at the elite level. We have been looking for results with fsu included and haven't been able to find any. Is the club still actively competing, training etc? Is there an alumni letter? Just looking for information on our alumni organization. mark helms 241 rabbits pl Lake Lure NC 28746

-- Mark Helms (mhelms@blueridge.net), May 10, 1999


interesting question mark. our alumni association is pretty much a grassroots effort. those of us who were kicking it old school in the early to mid-ninties and are still in the tallahassee area - i.e. have not yet graduated and are not still rowing - like to get it together with a bottle of maker's mark or a wicked supply of newcastle and kick it like a battalion of russians after a long day on the front lines. amazingly enough no newsletter or annual retreat weekend has emerged from our efforts. however for anyone interested in making contributions of a monetary nature - cash preferable, small bills please - place in medium sized manila envelope and deposit beind the refurbished gate gas station at the corner of tennessee street and caliark street. old school rulz.

-- ima star (fille_x@hotmail.com), May 15, 1999.

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