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The book "Train Wrecks" contains a picture of two SAL 4-8-2 passenger locomotives that apparently had a head-on collision in a passing siding at Lemon Springs, NC (on the S-line south of Sanford, NC) and are lying on their sides. Any further info on the wreck would be appreciated.

Any info on a similar wreck in downtown Apex, NC involving the local SAL passenger train nicknamed the "Shoefly"? I think that it happened around 1920.

-- richard t. lasater (, May 10, 1999


On May 18, 1924 there was a head - end collision between No. 45 Eng 211 and No. 44 Eng 212 at Apex resulting in the death of one passenger, one news agent and four off duty employees; injury to seven off-duty employees, one of whom afterwards died. No.44 received a copy of train order No. 158 at the tower at Apex and No. 45 received this order at New Hill. This order read in part:

"No. 44 Eng 212 will take OLD Southward Siding and meet No. 45 Eng 211 at Apex." Because freight trains were occupying the southward and northward passing tracks at Apex and because 20-25 cars were standing on the old Southward pass track, it was necessary for No.44 to head in and back out following the meet. Instead of heading in at the Old Southward siding (located south of the station at Apex), No. 44 proceeded on the main track to the depot and the collision occurred 375 feet north of the switch where No. 44 was to take siding. Engineer Cross, the regular assigned engineer on No. 44 was relieved account feeling ill by Engineer O'Daniel. This was done without proper authority. At Niagara, the tender trucks on Eng 212 were cut out, but this probably had no effect on train handling. The investigation revealed that the fireman and baggageman on No.44 thought that their train was to meet No. 45 at the passing track NORTH of the station and it seems probable that Engineer O'Daniel was of the same impression.

-- Harry W. Bundy, Jr. (, May 26, 1999.

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