Lender has labelled me as repossessed but I am not!

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My ex lender, Household Mortgage Corp, has added a Repossession flag to my credit reference with EQuifax. This is despite the fact that the house was sold with HMCs agreement in a Negative Equity situation. There is an agreement to pay off the negative equity and the deal was done with their full consent. No court proceedings were ever considered or threateneed and the mortgage was not in arrears and neither are the subsequent payments on the negative equity. They have added an "R" to my credit reference, which by their key(Equifax) means repossession.

Is this an example of no matter how hard you try to sort things out to sell a negative equity property, that you are stuffed anyway??

Can they do this? Is this reasonable and if not what can I do??

-- Seamus McGirr (SMcgirr@AOL.COM), May 08, 1999


Have you asked Equifax whether they would amend your credit reference file?

-- Sue Edwards (sue.edwards@nacab.org.uk), May 10, 1999.

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