Teachey and Rocky Point, NC Depots?

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Hi Guys, My question got caught up in the web-page crash I guess. I am looking for photos and/or information about the Teachey and Rocky Point ACL depots on the old Wilmington and Weldon Line. Any photos will be carefully copied and safely returned. My friend John Wadsworth recalls the Teachy depot being demolished in the mid '50's. The son of the depot agent for Rocky Point says it is still in existence, but is cut in two and in two separate locations. Many thanks. Marc Hamel

-- Marc L. Hamel (gigsup@aol.com), May 07, 1999


Marc: I do not have anything on either of those. I would like the same. I do have a couple fairly good B&W polaroids on the Willard, NC

Let me know. David Smith

-- david r. smith, jr (smithtrains@coastalnet.com), May 07, 1999.

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