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Help! I am being chased for a shortfall after ten years when I was advised by the Abbey National to hand the keys back. I was informed at the time that "I would not have to pay a shortfall" ... yet I am being asked to pay now and "if after giving the keys back the insurance company asked for money I should write back stating that I was unable to pay" I was assured this would mean that I would not here from them again.

Which I didn't until recently applying for a credit card.

I beleive I was wrongly advised - and do not know what to do next. Please help and reply soon as I need to talk to the lawyer by Tuesday 11/5/99

-- Stuart Drennan (, May 07, 1999


There isn't much we can advise other than to:

1. Read the website's Repossession section (and particularly the Do's and Don'ts) section and take note of what it says.

2. See a solicitor yourself and check out your local CAB as they ahve a pmphlet dealing with some aspects of this sort of issue.

You should always seek advice tailored to your personal circumstances. You should also note that missing their lawyers' deadline date of the 11th May is not as bad as it sounds. They are not able to schedule your reaction. It's more of a diary date for themselves to use to monitor how you are responding to their threats.

The particular problem with Abbey staff allegedly advising customers that the consequences of handing in their keys is one that we are very interested in, as you will be aware from reading the site.

I suggest you email me privately at the above email address to keep me informed. I am collating the details of people who have - or claim they have had - this particular experience with the Abbey National in the hope that you can back up each other's claims if any of you decide to see the Abbey in court over it.

Hope this helps.


-- Lee (, May 10, 1999.

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