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Atlas will release another "Classic" this summer. The HO RS3 will be released in CG Blue/Gray with two numbers and one unnumbered. Picture is at in "products". I am pleased with the GP7 and expect this one to be just as good.


-- Richard Rawls (, May 05, 1999


I just received my RS3 and trying to compare it to the photos I downloaded of GG RS3's. All of the photos are later ( the locos all have the green paint) but my concern is the location of multiple horns on the cab roof, bell on the hood, B/W stripes on the pilot, sun shades on the side windows, etc. Any idea when these were changed/ added or is the model a generic one and I might want to detail per the photos.

-- Donald E. Puccini (, August 03, 1999.

I just got my RS-3 yesterday. It not only has seperate grabirons, bit it also has coupling levers that are seperate pieces. The paint appears to be even better than on the GP-7 (Which was great to start with.) By the way, it also runs smooth (which is typical of all the later Atlas engines.) I guess we should all e-mail a thank you to Atlas (and a request for a S-2 in Central Of Georgia.) I hope to be able to save up and buy at least 1 more RS-3 (but if they sell like the GP-7's I'll have no such luck. I wish I had lots of money like you guys.)just joking guys.

-- Richard W. Cole Jr. (, July 09, 1999.

Distributors are now shipping the Atlas HO C of GA RS-3's. They are available in road #'s 108 & 109 and no # . Quantities are very limited. I have a very few of each available and will offer them to CGRHS members first. Please e-mail me directly for further details. Thanks,

Robert Yancey

-- Robert Yancey (, July 04, 1999.

Some mail order houses had them advertised in this months Model Railroader. I haven't ordered yet so I don't know if they are available now or not.


-- Richard Rawls (, June 03, 1999.

Richard, Thanks for the good news. I also was well pleased with my GP-7. Do you think that if all of us COFG nuts e-mailed Atlas we might get them to do a S-2 switcher in "our" road? Do you know when Atlas will release the COFG RS-3? Richard

-- Richard Wayne Cole Jr. (, May 29, 1999.

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