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In Netscape, when I am viewing the summary page of my shopping cart and I make a change to an item's quantity amount and then click on the Recalculate button, the change does not appear until I refresh the browser. However, it seems to work properly in MSIE and AOL. Note: the summary page in question is in a framed section of the window.

What do I need to do to the script to enable Netscape to display the recalculated page immediately? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.

-- Roger (, May 04, 1999


Probably redesign Netscape!

Navigator has always had this problem with frames. If you set your preferences in the "cache" section (of the newer 4.x browsers) to "compare every time", this should give you a fresh page and it does with all pages except those with frames.

For some reason, Netscape just refreshes the url page which, in a frames set-up, is the page with the frames descriptions. Nothing inside gets refreshed. It's a real pain in the neck, I know.

If your browser can extract a frame from its frame page (view frame in new window), you can do that with that frame, then refresh it in its new window and get rid of the window -- that updates the cache. Then refresh your full frames page (the one that refuses to refresh) and you'll get the fresh screens.

Not fun but, at this point, I haven't come across any other solutions.

-- Alfredo Lopez (, May 08, 1999.

Use this tag on the page to make it refresh

META http-equiv="expires" content="0"

For some reason this works with Netscape but I can't get it to work with MSIE. To overcome the problem in MSIE, I use a buttom to submit a form rather than using a regular link for the review page.

See this at

-- Mike Lynne (, May 09, 1999.

Thanks for the tip Mike! Adding the following META tag to the HEAD section of the page where the calculation is being performed seems to have worked. I included it as part of the HTML code of my Demoheader.html file that is referenced by the script.

-- Roger (, May 14, 1999.

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