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Could you (or indeed anyone who's had this problem) tell me if,

******************* Mesg 17309 : The current contents of process' input buffer are 'SELECT * FROM titles_view_1' *******************

Is a "general" fault. A stack trace turns up in SQL Server's (6.5 SP5 on NT Server SP4) sometimes followed by the error message:

******************* Error : 204, Severity: 20, State: 1 Normalization error; node UNKNOWN TOKEN *******************

Whenever a user performs a query that utilizes views. Sometimes it works/sometimes it doesn't. At first I thought it was a network problem, however it is rapidly increasing in frequency.

I've found error 204 in the SQL Administrator's Companion, but it just repeats what's already said, i.e. "Normalization error". Could someone give me some leads, perhaps to track this down?

Thanks muchly.

-- Anonymous, May 04, 1999



Yes it sounds system level. With this sort of error you really need to raise a paid fault call (about $200 retail) with MS PSS (Product Support Services). Here is an explanation of PSS from Neil Pike MVP/MCSE of Protech Computing Ltd.

Q. Who are Microsoft Product Support Services and how do I contact them? (v1.1 1999.01.24)

A. These are people who support all MS's products, write fixes, take the calls, sort out workarounds etc. They work 24x7x365. The only way to contact them to place an initial call is by phone (unless you have a premier support contract in which case there are web based methods). For details of your nearest PSS support center go to:

All calls are chargeable either to your credit card or an existing account. Your call fee WILL be reimbursed if the problem turns out to be an MS bug, or a feature that hasn't been publicly documented. The person answering the phone cannot know it's a bug, so they have to take details of your credit card before passing you on to a technician. When the call is closed the technician decides whether to mark the call as "free" in which case you get a refund automatically.

Good luck,


-- Anonymous, May 04, 1999

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