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Why is it that when I recopy my old colored pictures in another print film, the prints always comes out bluish? Is there a way I can avoid this? Place a filter? or is it the film. Thank you.

-- ROLAND R. ROLDAN (, May 03, 1999



How are you doing it?

Are you using the sky as your light source? What film are you using?

What is your actual setup?

Check everything, for all you know its the printer.

Happy shooting

-- Carlo Ma. Guerrero (, May 10, 1999.


It sounds like you are having a problem with your printer. Or your printer is trying to correct a specific color which throws off the rest. To start of with you are not using film designed for copying. So that can be the problem also. Bravo and Superia are somewhat high contrast/high saturation films. Try low contrast and low saturation films. Although I have not tried it maybe NPS 160 might give you better results.

Happy shooting.

-- Carlo Ma. Guerrero (, May 13, 1999.

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