Y2K Fix for S-mart

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You all know, of course, that s-mart has a Y2K bug in the way it manipulates the $date CMD.

Our verion at http://web-store.net/smart/smart.cgi was no different until we fixed it.

You can test the fix at: http://web-store.net/scripts/y2k_date.cgi or you can take the code and fix your own at: http:web-store.net/scripts/y2k_date.txt (save as y2k_date.cgi)

Good Luck. Gregory Swofford

-- Gregory Swofford (computer@web-store.net), May 03, 1999


Hello: I just added a Y2K fix for S-mart and I gave the wrong URL to fetch the script. Here is the CORRECT URL to the script y2k_date.cgi: http://web-store.net/scripts/y2k_date.txt Sorry about that. Greg

-- Gregory Swofford (computer@web-store.net), May 03, 1999.

I asked BArry to remove this (FALSE ALARM) but he didn't. Localtime is fine just the way it is.

-- Gregory Swofford (computer@web-store.net), May 28, 1999.

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