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Hi, I heard a rumor that Erik LaSalle had a problem with the "Benton-Corday" relationship? He thought it was too caring and positive as opposed to all the Benton-black women relationships on the show. Can anyone confirm or deny this rumor? N!

-- Nicole T. (, May 02, 1999


I saw this, too, in a column by Washington Post columnist Donna Britt. She said that Eriq LaSalle had the writers end the relationship for that reason, didn't want Benton's only good relationship to be with a white woman. Donna Britt, who is African American and writes wonderful columns, then went on to discuss her feelings about LaSalle's actions. She could see points for both sides, made me understand the viewpoint of an African American woman in a world where there is a shortage of marriagable African American men; but ultimately came down on the side that the show should have shown the reality that people do fall in love, and make it work, across racial lines.

All of which is to say that since this story was reported by a very good and reputable journalist for a major national newspaper, yes, we can believe it is true.

-- Mary Lyman (, June 20, 1999.

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