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Hi there, any one here uses Rodinal special??/ I been using Rodinal when I happened to come across a store which stocked the special, so being adventurerous. I bought one to try it out, so far it works but I gather it can be reused. I guess(Heven't done the second roll). SO any points that I should take note of when using special? It is different from the rodinal normal , the color is even different.


-- Kenneth (, May 02, 1999


Response to Roadinal Special

Check the Agfa website. They have downloadable tech info in acrobat (pdf) format that can be printed out to look just like their tech booklets. (Kodak has the same by the way). The booklet on B&W chemicals states that Rodinal is one shot while Rodinal Special can be replentished.

-- Ken Trettin (, June 02, 1999.

Response to Roadinal Special

Rodinal is Agfa's fine grain and white developer, I use it often to develop Kodak technical pan, Agfapan APX 25,100,400 and Ilford PanF plus.

I made an OCR scan of Rodinal Special Instruction sheet

-- martin tai (, June 29, 1999.

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