i'm coming to the NC scene in sept. and have some questions

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i have only partied in la and realize that most people don't understand how it should be. the whole purpose of a party is for the music. be it trance, core, jungle, house, or tekno we all go to dance to the music. going in with a bad attitude destroys the vibe that us other ravers build. instead of complaining and b***hing all the time just go and have fun. yeah some promoters don't have the right idea, so go to another party. a good promoter is a raver him/herself, or goes to other parties to see what we like. but enough of the drama.

i won't be in NC tiloctober but i would really like to meet some of you online (good vibers only) so maybe i know a few people when i get there. any of you on ravelinks.com?? muah


-- Anonymous, April 29, 1999


got a big crew\if you want to meet up or talk e-mail me Peace Love Unity Respect

-- Anonymous, May 04, 1999

SERaves is probably the best place to meet netravers, and better for doing so (alas) than this discussion board. (No offense to those who have posted here, of course, but SERaves is a much larger audience.) Email listserv@american.edu and put "subscribe seraves (your name)" in the body. It's a very chatty list, so you may want to get the digest version.

-- Anonymous, May 09, 1999

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