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When someone adds an item to the shopping cart and leaves without purchasing, the next person who selects something to add to the cart has all of the previous persons selected items on the cart as well.

What have I done wrong?


-- Jason A. Overholser (, April 28, 1999


well - I thought the same thing was happening, but it was not. When I went to another Comp. and ordered something it was clear. I think this may be the same thing that is wrong with yours.

-- Don (, April 30, 1999.

I was having that same problem until I realized it was a "refresh" issue with the browsers. I check my pages with AOL's browser (a modified version of IE 4.0) Netscape, and IE. I've found that if I set my browser to "refresh" with each visit, it's fine. Although I still have problems with AOL's browser. (I don't think this shopping cart likes AOL too much. lol)

Just to be on the safe side, I added instruction to my header file on how to clear the cart manually. (I could never get the empty cart command to work right.)

-- Beth Kosler (, May 01, 1999.

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