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Here's a long overdue update on the voting status of banned gameplay techniques in MARP. The votes have been trickling in over the past 2 months, and I have added up the new votes and updated the rules page. (Note: you may need to refresh the page to get the latest version.)

There are currently 5 games that have banned techniques, all of which received at least 8 unanimous votes to ban the described cheating method (votes received AFTER the 8th unanimous vote are not counted - if additional unanimous votes are received, they are added to the total). The games involved are: COMMANDO, GALAGA, GHOSTS & GOBLINS, SINISTAR, FOOD FIGHT, and MR. DO (TAITO). For specific details on the techniques that are not allowed, refer to the web page linked above.

There are still 16 games that have not been decided upon through voting. Many of these require only 1 or 2 additional votes to push them over the limit. To cast your vote, and help evolve the rules & regulations of the community, please stop by the , or more specifically, the MARP Rules page.


-- Angry (, April 27, 1999


Heh, I just read my own description for how the voting process works, and realized that there are 2 more games that have received enough votes to be moved into the BAN / KEEP lists. I forgot that once 10 total votes were received, the majority vote would make the ruling.

TIME PILOT will be adding a technique into the BAN list, and ASTEROIDS will be adding one to the ALLOWED list.

I'll get the lists updated by tomorrow night (I'm going to an NHL playoff game tonight to watch the Anaheim Mighty Ducks finish their season to the Detroit Red Wings).


ps. Sorry for the messed up HTML code in the original message. ;)

-- Angry (, April 27, 1999.

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