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Hello, I have been called to serve in the Porto Portugal mission, anyway I was just looking at all this stuff on the internet and thought maybe some of you veterans could re-live some of your own glory days and fill me in on what to expect and things like that. You know, what to bring, what not to bring, any little help would be great. I would sure love to hear from some of you, so if could spare a moment and e-mail me back I would be much appreciative. I would love to hear about anything and everything so feel free to write. thanks Josh Whitmer bstuff@burgoyne.com or Grundelwalken@juno.com

-- Josh Whitmer (bstuff@burgoyne.com), April 26, 1999


I'm not answering your question, but i'm making sure that you are the Josh Whitmer I met in Bro. Ed's class at UVSC. I believe we both stood up to say where we were going and you were right after me. Anyway I'm pretty sure that's you. Found anything cool out? I work with a guy from Porto and he said that they eat fresh seafood, chicken, Pork, and steak, in fact steak and french fries is a big thing. He also said that they have pizza hut and mcdonald's in case we get homesick. He said the people are really nice, but it's hard at first to learn the language anyway see you in the MTC probably.

Chow Jonathan Olsen

-- Jonathan Olsen (jao35@byu.edu), June 04, 1999.

We served from 96 to 98, and had the time of our lives! Porto is THE best mission in the world. Expect to be fed like crazy. The Portuguese people will take good care of you as far as the food goes. Don't be afraid to try anything, because you are only in Portugal for two years. Expect to be eaten alive by Portuguese pulgas (we'll let you look that one up). Love the people because they will love you. Give it your all and as Elder Scott of the Twelve said "...live your life with no regrets...". Expect to miss those people when you finally have to leave. 11 Sept 1999

-- Kerrie Done and Tamara Rollins (KerSF@aol.com), September 13, 1999.

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