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What are the key issues in this election? How do they differ from last year? Who is stronger on each issue and why? Can you name the accomplishments of each candidate on these key issues?

-- Jim Bouton (, April 26, 1999


Carl was able to keep the wool pulled over lots of people's eyes for the duration of the election season. But the high unemployment and crappy leadership is apparent now. Still waiting for those FBI investigations to come out. I wonder if they'll wait, again, for THIS election to be over so the feds won't be accused of interferring with local politics. My main issue with the Gutierrez administration is how he treats GovGuam as HIS personal company. He has to remember that we, the taxpayers are the shareholders - we pay the taxes. He is way too free with giving away jobs and money to people and companies who help him get re-elected. Joe Ada didn't do that before and I don't think he'll do it again. Many of the issues are the same - just more pronounced - Carl keeping the pressure on the residents of Ordot until he gets the incinerator contract; contracts to his new Republican cronies and old Democrat cronies; misuse of government funds, and on and on. I think Carl's team is getting tired - they don't seem to be getting much accomplished anymore. I think they are all rich already and don't need to work anymore.

-- None of your business (, April 26, 1999.

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